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machtTechnik AG /// Providing Research and Technology Services


Welcome to machtTechnik AG!

At machtTechnik we specialize in individual research and development: For our customers, we engineer tailored technical solutions in the field of aerodynamics, aerospace, and renewable energy.

/// We have long time experience in aerospace engineering and provide customized solutions for individual needs.

/// We carry out wind tunnel tests to improve our customers' models and analyze design optimization of products and assemblies.

/// We evaluate wind potentials and offer high-quality wind assessment reports.

/// Solar energy is our area of expertise within renewable energy and the key to a sustainable energy supply for the next generations.

/// We are specialist in light-weight design and all related engineering services.

/// With our state-of-the-art test facilities, we stand for premium quality in qualification and testing.

/// Sophisticated consulting and expert monitoring for our customers also form a significant part of our service portfolio.

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